How Could You Write It?

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In 2013, I sat down to write my story. I had no idea whether I would publish or not,  it was more important for me to put the words on paper to release the demons that he left behind. I started it as a memoir, but the words that fell onto the paper went against every writing class I ever had. It was dry, it was boring, it was just words. What I wanted to write was my story in a way that, while heartbreaking, would leave the reader hopeful. I wanted the words to convey the emotions that others like me felt, and that they were not alone. And I wanted to end the story with hope, for me, to realize I did have hope, and for others to gain courage and hope in their situation.

So, a muse named Sara came along, and once I gave what happened to me to Sara, she took the story and ran with it. The pain of writing did not provide a deep cut to my soul, and I remembered incidents that I had pushed out of my mind. Sara helped me purge the pain, the heartbreak, the helplessness, the hopelessness and replaced them with hope, confidence, and joy. Four years later I finished the story, and knew I had to publish it, and I knew I had to continue the story in the sequel, which I am working on now. I hope to release it early 2022.

Whether you are a victim, or a survivor, I hope you get the opportunity to read Success Is The Best Revenge. Please leave a comment, tell me your story, or tell me your thoughts below.

Finally My Novel Had a Birthday!

Success Is The Best RevengeAfter a lifetime of planning, plotting, and letting life get in my way,  four years ago I was able to sit down and write this story. I had intended to write it as a memoir, but the pain revisiting the events was too great – it ended up being an outline of what had happened instead of inviting the reader to engage with the story. After a lot of craft workshops, and breaking the bank buying and reading craft books, I still couldn’t let go of the stiffness of my writing.

And then Sara appeared and became my Muse. She agreed to be the protagonist in the story, if I would just write it. So, write it I did, with her guiding my fingers on the keyboard.

At first I was afraid to write my story, but I did anyway.

And then I was afraid to publish it, but I did anyway.

And then I was afraid to look at the reviews by readers, but I did anyway.

I’m not afraid anymore.

It feels almost surreal to read the reviews – are they really talking about my book?

A friend recommended this book, and I’m glad she did. As someone who worked as a volunteer on a crisis line, it’s good to see a book address not only the problem, but follow someone as she moves on to a solution–and asks all the why questions later. Because of the title I read through the disturbing chapters with hope that the author would eventually untangle legal and financial issues and start her path to her new life. This is a raw story, but so well told.

I couldn’t put this book down! Kathy Sechrist is a talented author who writes in a way that envelopes you in the story. I so admire the courage and vulnerability it took to share those heartbreaking but inspiring story of Sara. The ending left me on such a high note, I wish the story could’ve continued a bit longer. It’s a great book. Well done, Kathy!

To satisfy the wish of the last reviewer, I am now working on the sequel, North of Normal.

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