The Exit Strategy by Lainey Cameron

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I’m an avid audiobook “reader” rather than having book in hand for several reasons: I can do hou

sework, laundry, go for a walk and a million other things while I am being read to. So, I listened to the audiobook of this release and was very pleased with the narrator. She did an excellent job of pacing and using her voice to not get in the way of the words or the story.

Two women, one empowered but blind to the goings on around her business in Silicon Valley and personal life, the other shy, but with a passionate project she wants to push forward, come together as enemies. Enemies evolved into a a deep friendship. They come together to fight against Todd, a manipulating con-man, whose behavior is not unlike the challenges of the good ol’ boys club in Silicon Valley.

Cameron does an excellent job of digging deep into the characters and exposing the paradigm that women are seen as less in the corporate world and exploited, no matter how empowered they become. She highlights that this behavior is so subtle, it is seen as a normal way of treating colleagues and employees.

It doesn’t matter if you work as a waitress or as a CEO of an influential company, women, and men too, become victims of a certain line of belief put together with behaviors that hold them back. Cameron reminds us that this is totally unacceptable and must change.