About Me and My Writing

My Writing

I’ve been known to write a good corporate memo, compose text for a website, create an innovative organizational change management strategy and can tweet like a pro. Yet for two years I’ve been drafting  my memoir, and just two chapters are on paper (cannot say complete as I’m always editing). My story is about a traumatic event in my childhood that eventually led me down the path of another traumatic event in adulthood, and the journey this then middle-aged woman took in search of her authentic self.

The first part of the planned three-book memoir, Success is the Best Revenge: Dear Memoir is in progress. This is the most difficult part of the trilogy, having to revisit dark memories that continue to haunt me.  I suppose it is no wonder I am slogging my way through! I’d come to my computer each day, excited to begin writing, and yet the blank page stopped me cold. Trying to “force write” my way through it didn’t work – nothing did. The blank page won.

I  took an online personal essay class, where the rusty locks of my memories suddenly became unlocked and freely spewed forth in the form of letters to my memoir. During this class I  stumbled across a book by John Steinbook,  A Journal of a Novel, which were  letters to his editor, written as he wrote the novel, East of Eden. Writing to a trusted friend, in my case my memoir, sounded attractive to me, and so, Success is the Best Revenge: Dear Memoir was born. Excerpts from my memoir are included in the Dear Memoir section.

I also enjoy writing short stories, with one of mine, “The Farmhouse“, included in a collection of short stories published by Story Shelter.

 I am intrigued in the power of stories we tell ourselves and how they move us through our transitions in life. There are many personal stories on the bookshelves, I’m hoping mine will help at least one person currently experiencing challenges from their own trauma transition into a positive,  joyful life.

A Little About Me

I’m a mother, grandmother and recently retired, living on idyllic Whidbey Island, WA with my husband, Bob, and two cats, Chaz and Harvey. Bob’s office is on the opposite side of the house from mine, but at 5:30 every afternoon we grab a glass of wine and meet on our deck to enjoy each other and the views of Saratoga Passage, Camano Island and the mountains beyond. Community service is important to me, and volunteer with several organizations that help our community remain a pleasant place to live for everyone.




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